Combine TX Pool Leak Detection & Repair

Colin Irons Pool Service has been helping residential and commercial customers in the city of Combine for over 20 years. If you suspect your pool leaks, call Colin Irons to set up a pool leak detection appointment where they will properly identify the location(s) and repair your pool leak.

Combine, TX sits in the North Texas region that experiences extremely dry summers where your ground can begin to shrink and cause pipes to crack. Unfortunately, pipes cracking is a fairly common issue for swimming pools and if you find yourself to be one of the unlucky ones, Colin Irons will come to your rescue.

Other common areas that could be causing your pool in Combine to be leaking could be:

  • Leaks in the pool equipment. Common areas would be the piping, filters, heater, and pumps.
  • Check the fittings in the pool for tears or separations.
  • Also check lights, skimmers, returns, pool steps, and corners for any obvious issues.

You can also determine if your pool is leaking versus typical evaporation.

  • Look for standing water in the lower areas around your pool.
  • Walk around your pool and check for soft soil that is not typical.
  • Mark your water level with a piece of tape and in 24 hours check to see if it has lost more than 1/4″. If less, it’s typical evaporation. If more, then you could have a leak.

If you’ve determined your pool is leaking, call the professionals at Colin Irons. Your Combine pool leak specialists.

Serving the 75159 zip codes

Combine is a city in Dallas and Kaufman counties in the U.S. state of Texas. The population was 1,942 at the 2010 census.

The city is served by two school districts: Crandall Independent School District and by Dallas Independent School District. The students in the Crandall portion are zoned to Wilson Elementary School, Crandall Middle School, and Crandall High School, all within the city of Crandall.

Students in the Dallas County portion are zoned to attend Seagoville schools, which are part of the Dallas Independent School District. The area is within the Board of Trustees District 4; as of 2008 Nancy Bingham represents the district. The schools are:

Seagoville Elementary School
Seagoville Middle School
Seagoville High School

Before 2012, students were zoned jointly to Seagoville Elementary School and Central Elementary School, then grades PK-2 and 3-5, respectively. The grade alignments of Seagoville schools changed in 2012 with the opening of Seagoville North Elementary School, and the DISD portion of Combine was rezoned to Seagoville Elementary for grades PK-5.