To get a good idea as to whether your pool is leaking, completing the 24 hour on/off test is the best approach. Follow the below directions and call us at (940) 367-5621 with your results and we can help you decide the best approach to take toward locating the leak.

Step 1 – Fill & Mark

Fill up the pool and spa to the normal level, mark both levels with tape. If you have an auto fill, turn off the water supply valve to disable it. Turn off all circulation pumps and leave them off for 24 full hours, unless a freeze is imminent. After 24 hours, measure the distance between the original marks and the new levels in both the pool and spa.


Step 2 – Refill & 2nd Mark

Fill the pool and spa back to the normal level. Run the main circulation pump for 24 hours. Do not run any water features. Do not heat the pool. After 24 hours, measure the distance between the original mark and the new level.


Step 3 – Interpreting the results

So, we should have two measurements: one from when the pool was off, and one from when the pool was running. Every pool, yard, and day is different but if you are losing ¼ inch or less a day then you likely just have evaporation. If you are losing over ½ an inch a day, you likely have a leak, and between those to measurements is a gray area that warrants further discussion.​ Your pool will need to be full to the fill line, clean, and clear for the technician to continue with leak assessment and/or detection.


Step 4 – Call Colin Irons

Call Colin Irons Diving & Pool Service to schedule a leak consultation with an experienced pool leak technician.