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What is a Pressure Test

One key phase of a leak detection is the plumbing pressure test. During a pressure test, our Technicians test the pool’s equipment and plumbing for leaks caused by breaks or cracks in the PVC pipes used to plumb your pool or spa. If you are experiencing rapid drops in water levels, it is likely you have a broken pipe underground. A water loss of approximately 2-3 inches every 24 hours often indicates a plumbing leak, as opposed to a structural leak such as a crack in the gunite.

During our pressure tests, our Technicians use air and water pressure to determine if your pool equipment is able to sustain consistent pressure levels. Sustaining consistent pressure indicates the pipe being tested has no breaks or leaks. Similar to a punctured car tire that begins deflating, if a pipe is unable to sustain consistent air or water pressure, our Technicians can determine the pipe is leaking. All outlets in your pool or spa, such as drains, returns or skimmers, are attached to pipes that run back to your equipment pad. Anywhere water enters or exits your pool has the potential to contain a leaking pipe.

Colin Irons Pool Service offers a comprehensive Full Pressure Test for your pool and spa. This all-encompassing test provides a complete inspection of all the plumbing in your equipment. During this procedure, our Technicians apply air pressure to each and every plumbing line in the pool and spa, allowing them to diagnose every possible leak.  This does not include any testing required by rock removal or other unforeseen obstacles that make the testing more extensive. After identifying a pipe that fails to hold pressure, we are able to conclude this line has a break and is leaking air and water. To confirm this finding, we add air pressure to the suspected leaking line and begin locating the area of the break. Our Technicians use a state-of-the-art Ultra Sonic Leak Finder to pinpoint through sound the location of the break in the pipe. This exceptionally powerful microphone allows our Technicians to hear where bubbles are escaping the leaking pipe underground. Once the sound of bubbling is confirmed, the location of the leak has been successfully pinpointed and we can begin the process of repair.

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