Let Us Find Your Pool Leak


Some repairs are easy and some…well, not so much. Check out these pictures of a leak we found during a pressure test. These leaks were underneath tonnage of rocks.  It took some creative listening and some serious elbow grease, but [KEEP READING…]

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What is a Dive and Dye Test?


One approach to detecting leaks in a pool or spa is known as a Dive and Dye Test. Using a small syringe with colored dye, our Diving Technician searches throughout and around the [KEEP READING…]

What is a Dive and Dye Test?2019-10-22T23:30:04+00:00

What is a Pressure Test


One key phase of a leak detection is the plumbing pressure test. During a pressure test, our Technicians test the pool’s equipment and plumbing for leaks caused by breaks or cracks in the [KEEP READING…]

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