Yes, it is possible to run your pool or spa with your skimmers turned off. However, running your equipment on your main drains alone will allow surface debris to accumulate in your pool or spa. Keep in mind that your pump and pool equipment needs to have at least one other method of suction open and operating if you close off the skimmers.

If the water in your pool is too low to fill the skimmer basket, there is a simple way to run your pool on the main drain alone. Close the skimmer valves at your equipment pad. Make certain the valve for your pool main drains is open. Do not run your pool with all suction valves closed off at the same time.

Running your pool or spa on your main drains alone is useful in a few situations. For instance, if you are leaving town for an extended period and are unable to monitor your pool daily, running your equipment’s suction on the main drains alone is an easy precaution. Using only the main drains is also an alternative if your leak is causing the pool to drain below the skimmers. Running your skimmers without enough water could cause damage to your pool’s pump. However, as long as your skimmers are not drawing or sucking air, they can be used.

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