Locate your pool’s pump at the equipment pad. Protruding out of the front of your pump will be a PVC manifold that controls the suction of your pool. The suction manifold of a pool consists of pool main drains, spa main drains and skimmers. They are responsible for directing water from your pool or spa back to your equipment for filtration. The suction manifold should include valves that will allow you to control which specific pipes of your pool’s suction are turned on or off. One or more of these pipes will control your skimmers.

To identify the pipes that run to your skimmers, your pool pump must be running. Once your pump is primed and running properly, try turning each separate suction valve on and off, one at a time. If the suction at the bottom of your skimmer body stops, the valve to that skimmer is closed. To confirm this pipe and valve run to this specific skimmer, open the valve. If your skimmer resumes suction you have identified the valve correctly. Never run your pump with all the valves closed.

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