How Do I Know if My Skimmer is Working?

How Do I Know if My Skimmer is Working?

Pool skimmers are essential to keep circulation and filtration in your pool or spa, and ensure your water is clean and clear. The function of a skimmer is to remove floating dirt and debris that may accumulate in your pool and spa. Without properly functioning skimmers, your pool or spa water will accumulate unwanted surface debris.

Your skimmer includes a basket that captures leaves, tree branches, and larger unwanted objects from being pulled through your pool’s pipes, which could cause damage and blockage to your equipment. Please check the basket for any holes or cracks that could allow debris to get past the skimmer and into the pump.
Identifying if your skimmer is working is simple. Most importantly, begin with ensuring that your pool water is at the correct level of full (e.g. To the middle of the tile line or just below the bottom of the overflow grate).  Once you have corrected or verified the proper water level, turn on the pump at the equipment pad. Wait for your pump to fully prime. Open your skimmer valve(s). At your pool, the bottom of your skimmer body should be sucking water and debris down its pipe. If you can see and feel the water and debris being pulled down your skimmer’s body, your skimmer is working correctly. If no suction is happening, your skimmer may have a break or blockage. If your skimmer suction seems weak, you may need to clean the filter at your equipment pad. A dirty filter will cause your pool’s suction to reduce in intensity and effectiveness. Call us for advice on troubleshooting low or high pressure on your filter.  940-484-4468.

When feeling your skimmers for suction, be cautious of inserting your hand in or around the skimmer pipe. Strong suction could cause your hand to get caught in the pipe. An alternative approach is to watch any floating dirt or debris to see if the suction pulls it down the skimmer pipe.

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