This time of year brings hope and sunshine to us all when we need it the most! It’s time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and cool water. We have a few ways to help get you started for the season!

FREE Energy audit with any filter clean ($95.00)*. We will assess your pump and lights energy usage and show you how you can cut your energy bill while still enjoying the full benefits of your pool.

HEAT IT UP! Get your swim season started earlier by heating it up a bit. FREE heater diagnostic with any filter clean ($95.00)*. FREE installation with the purchase of your new heater.

DECK O SEAL: Is your deck o seal (mastic) cracking or separating? Let’s get that replaced to help protect your pool during these spring showers. We will remove and replace it for $5.50 a foot.* (Regularly $6.00). This covers up to 1/2″ in or smaller joints with a minimum of 60 feet.

Deck O Seal

WATER LOSS: If you are experiencing water loss in your pool, now is the time to address it. Water will be evaporating quickly as the heat continues to climb and adding a water loss to that can be expensive and a waste of our precious resources. Let’s start with a simple surface dye test and see what we can find and go from there! Progressive leak detection starts at $85.00.*

If you’re unsure if your pool is leaking, there are some things you can do to help deduce whether you are losing more than your average amount to evaporation or splash out. Click here to find out more! Is my pool leaking?

*Travel charges may apply.


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Let’s get outside and have fun!